Janna – She's the big sister and mother hen – always stressing and organizing and fussing over everyone!
She's the big hair, big heart, big personality gal. Born to shop – little presents are her specialty.

Joli – Totally the middle sister – with all the spunk and sass to prove it!
She’s the adventurous one – can’t even count the number of times she’s moved cross-country!

She makes a mean pot of chili and is always good for a laugh so hard you can’t breathe kind of joke!

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Oh, you know...we are just two sassy Southern sisters who ha
ve been sharing adventures our entire lives. We know that besties are paramount and our funnest and funniest times have often involved putting ourselves into some wacky situations. We love a good dress-up session! Even as children growing up together in the South (Pensacola, Florida to be exact), we couldn't wait for Mardi Gras and Halloween to roll around each year. They were our absolute favorite times because we got to get a little crazy with our wardrobes and no one batted an eye. One day we realized - you don't need an excuse to be fabulous - or silly - or whatever. As long as you're laughing, who cares what anyone else thinks? So we made it a habit. Even after moving away, growing up and getting on with our lives, dressing up is still our favorite thing to do! We love it and don't see any reason to stop now!

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We couldn't always find what we wanted for our own shindigs, so we decided to search high and low for the perfect party supplies and to create the ideal shopping experience for ladies like us. Gifts, glam and giggles all in one place and where you know you're dealing with "real people". Seriously. Give us a shout and you'll get one of us on the other end of the line. We may be small, but we are fierce, and we're here to help you put together the perfect party with your gal-pals.

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Joli, Kara, Allyson, Dawn, Jennifer and Aunt Sue, Jennifer, Allyson, Janna, Nanny, Mom, Joli, Lila and Kara

A few years before starting Girlfriend Galas, we organized a BYOB (Bring your own boa) Bachelorette weekend for the girls in the Big Easy and brought tiaras for everyone. The attention we received out and about was amazing and the photos were fabulous. New Orleans was one thing, but could we make it the standard for gals all over the country? We certainly hoped so because, girls, it was as memorable as it gets. In the meantime, our Bachelorette party lent itself to many more "girlfriend galas" where our tiaras and feather boas weren’t optional. Baby showers, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve shindigs...all the most memorable times and the most frameable and Facebook photos involved some form of over the top party attire.
Back then, it was all about the boas (and still is!), but we were just getting started!

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Aunt Sue, Nanny, Janna, Aunt Georgia and mom; Aunt Georgia and Aunt Sue; Kara and Lila; Joli, Lila, Kara and Janna; Aunt Harriet, Lila and Kara

Once we decided to create our party boutique, we made sure to put it all into practice. It pushed us out of our normal routines and made celebrating each other a lifestyle. We managed a lot of impromptu "photo shoots". We grabbed our besties and heck, yeah, it was EPIC! You should have seen the feathers fly as even the little one (Janna's daughter Montana was just 2 years old) helped out as fashion coordinator.

Now our gal-pals are our business and we strengthen those bonds every chance we get, finding new reasons to get together and fostering our relationships with each other, our girlfriends, family members, colleagues and customers alike. If we think it will make a great gift or photo, we add it to our party store. We
choose every product with you in mind. Plus, we test them out as often as we can with our BFF's. We ultimately want the best possible party experience for you and yours. It's our mission! We love what we do and we love photos like these!